Xavier Silas here to help injury-riddled Celtics

Xavier Silas here to help injury-riddled Celtics

Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, the Boston Celtics have officially saved their season. Now break out the dancing lobsters.

Yeah so if I were giving you life advice right now, I’d say take a second mortgage out on your home right now, take that money and bet on the Celtics. Why? Because they just signed THE Xavier Silas to a 10-day contract. BOOM! Every problem the team has is officially solved.

Actually, no.

This does give you an idea of how beat up the team is though. They went out and signed a 30-year-old who played two games in the NBA like seven years ago to fill the void on their team because there’s so many injuries.

Here’s the fun part too: Silas played in the Big 3 league. If you’ve never heard of it, there’s a reason for it. It’s D League, the G League, the Z League or whatever they call it now. He was literally teammates with Brian Scalabrine in a league that features Allen Iverson and is owned by Ice Cube. That one was in the summertime, but he was playing in the G League when the Celtics signed him.

In the G League this season, the 30-year-old averaged 18.4 points per game with 4.1 rebounds.

It’s great news for Silas to be back up in the NBA. He’s worked hard and he should be proud. However, it does show you the kind of state the Celtics are in right now when they have to sign a journeyman down the stretch to fill out their roster. Hopefully, he can help out the team but then again, you also wish Gordon Hayward was healthy because they could use him right about now.

Who knows? Maybe he does some good for the Celtics. Likely though Silas won't get much playing time.

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