Xander Bogaerts will help the Red Sox soon

Xander Bogaerts will help the Red Sox soon

If you’re not excited, well, then I don’t know where your head is at.

The Boston Red Sox were able to snap their three game losing streak on Wednesday, showing that there was actually hope that they could win another game sometime. And let’s be honest, we could be seeing the Red Sox win a lot more games in the future. Yeah, I’ve talked about all these injuries they have suffered--but not as an excuse. It’s more just telling you how it is. Oh, and the Red Sox will get their best injured player back most likely on Friday.

That would be Xander Bogaerts and no, that point is not up for debate. Before he went onto the disabled list, X was No Doubt their hottest hitter. We’re talking small sample sizes, but the shortstop hit .368 with 2 home runs and an OPS above 1.100 in the first nine games of the season.

Plus, he hit a home run in his first at-bat rehabbing down in Pawtucket this week which has to count for something.



Shoutout to Red for making the trip down to Pawtucket on a cold April night to. It takes a team player to do that.

Bogaerts told reporters he felt good enough to play in the bigs again after that game. The weather in Pawtucket wasn’t good on Wednesday, so that game got cancelled and they’re off on Thursday (so is Portland), so Xander might just have to come back to the roster after one rehab game.

Except it’s back in Red Sox.

If you’re wondering how this impacts the lineup, here’s my guess: Tzu-Wei Lin will likely get optioned back down to Triple-A and the red hot Brock Holt will take over at second base because Eduardo Nunez isn’t a good defender despite his seemingly good fielding percentages in the past (the metrics and the eye test say he’s not).

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