Xander Bogaerts finishes second in final vote

Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel and Mookie Betts are All-Stars this season.

That’s three Boston Red Sox players. There’s not going to be a fourth though — if no one gets hurt in the next few days.

Xander Bogaerts was on the final vote — again. And he was not selected — again. He finished second in the American League final vote balloting. Red Sox fans might be disappointed. But seriously, it’s not worth complaining about.

Mike Moustakas, who ended up getting picked, is having quite the season. The guy has clubbed 25 home runs and posted an .879 OPS so far this season. So, he is pretty much on pace to hit more than 40 home runs and there’s a slim chance he hits more than 50 home runs. His selection was well-deserved. Except there was someone who was even better–like that commercial that’s on during every single Red Sox game like 12 times.

Logan Morrison got snubbed the most. The guy has 24 home runs and a .945 OPS in 81 games this season and a 2.8 WAR despite playing first base. So that’s where the real crime is: Morrison gets on-base a lot more (.368) than the Moose (.309). He wasn’t picked for that or the home run derby. Not good.

If you want to be upset with something here, then consider this: I found something else for you to outrage about. Please discuss:

Yeah so Nomar didn’t want his successor to be an All-Star. Not the best look but then again, look at the way things ended for Nomar here. I was shocked when he signed the minute long contract to retire as a member of the Red Sox honorarily in like 2010 or whatever. Oh well…

But yeah, after Xander hit his hand on Thursday, it’s probably best for the guy who is day-to-day to not be in the All-Star game. He’ll get three days off and by then he should be 100 percent ready to go and compete for the Red Sox who will most likely be in first place after the All-Star break.

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