Woodstock Themed Corn Maze "Crops" Up In Sunderland

Woodstock Themed Corn Maze "Crops" Up In Sunderland

Warner Farm in Sunderland, MA is one of the oldest and longest running family farms in New England. They've been serving the community for more than 250 years.

People love their fresh produce and homemade goodies, but what they have really come to look forward to is Mike's Maze, an annual tradition and the brainchild of farmer Mike Wissemann and artist Will Sillin.

Each year, they design a brand new 8-acre maze with themed games and trivia to help guide you through. Past themes have included Alice in Wonderland, Andy Worhols Campbell soup can, and Blackbeard the Pirate.

New themes are conceptualized by David and Jess Wissemann, part of the creative team at Mike’s Maze. It takes the entire year to plan and execute them.

This year Warner Farm has gone above and beyond, using the 50th anniversary of Woodstock to create another one of a kind masterpiece out of a corn field.  

The "Cornstock" design features the words Peace, Love and Music as well as two of the most influential performers in rock history, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

Both legendary stars preformed at the original Woodstock Festival and now have an encore showing at Cornstock this fall.

Mike’s Maze will be open September 7 through November 3 at 23 South Main Street in Sunderland.

In addition to the corn maze, there are many other activities for the whole family to enjoy including horse drawn carriage rides, bounce houses, pedal carts and extra large potatoes cannons. 

Little ones will love the gigantic playground featuring a giant double drain-tube slide, a jump pad, tractor tire jungle gym, and giant games.

Be sure to check out Mike's Maze on Facebook to see some of their former masterpieces and to find details on upcoming events. 


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