We're on to next week for the Patriots

We're on to next week for the Patriots


This is just unnecessary. I mean, why? What’s the point? How does this benefit anyone?

These are the kinds of questions we must be asking ourselves as the New England Patriots are set to play in the AFC Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs this week.

Seriously? The Tennessee Titans? When have they ever been a good football team? That’s the team they beat by like 60 points in 2007, ain’t it?

Now obviously, the personnel from team to team is very different but the point remains the same. The Patriots opened this game as big-time favorites (13.5 points).

If being favored to win by two touchdowns is not good enough for you to feel good about this game, then here’s some more information that you might find useful. According to Yahoo Sports, the Patriots have never lost a Saturday Night home playoff game during this era. And you know what that means: the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick-Robert Kraft era.

This is why the Patriots are the most successful franchise in New England sports this millennium other than UConn women’s basketball, who is just on a completely different level than the rest of the world

Plus, like roast turkey on Thanksgiving, these guys have become a staple of the AFC Championship game. The Pats have played in it in each of the past six seasons--and they have played better teams than this year’s New York Jets to make it to that stage. Case and point: the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs. They were on like a 10 game win streak and the Patriots were able to snap that neck and keep moving forward.

One more point: Rex Burkhead, Alan Branch and Malcolm Mitchell have practiced a little this week, so it is possible that each of them can play on Saturday and if they do, it just makes the Patriots that much better of a football team.

So yeah, we’re almost on to Pittsburgh.

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