We might not see Gordon Hayward ever again (until next season)

We might not see Gordon Hayward ever again (until next season)

If you’re feeling good right now, just read this and you might come back down to reality.

We’ve been talking all year about how good the Boston Celtics will be when Gordon Hayward comes back from his injury. For Pete’s sake, the guy was an All-Star last year. Oh, and he was the second biggest addition to the team during the offseason (sup, Kyrie Irving?). That was supposed to make the Celtics like really good. Unfortunately, things aren’t working out as we all probably hoped.

“My mindset is he’s not coming back. That’s the way we’ve all approached it,” Brad Stevens told The Dan Patrick Show. “Gordon and I have never had a conversation about him coming back. It’s always been about how he feels and how he’s progressing.”

And no, I don’t think this is like when you were a kid and your parents said they wouldn’t get you that present, but then they came through in the clutch and got it for you. No. This sounds like the team has to keep playing to win despite not having what was supposed to be one of their shiny new toys.

There was a bootless photo of Hayward circulating the internet but then again, the internet is filled with a lot of bad stuff and false information. Still, you could see why fans were excited about such a thing. The Celtics had to go overpay for a third of a season of Greg Monroe to fill their desperate need for big men. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the All-Star they gave a massive contract to could play for them instead? It’d be nice to have both, but come on...

The only real good news about Hayward recently was the report that he and Al Horford were recently helping coach the team’s practice, according to Gatehouse Media (Wicked Local). Hey, at least Hayward does know the scheme… if he ever comes back.  

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