WATCH: This David Ortiz Jeopardy Question Gave a Contestant $200

Jeopardy tests contestant’s knowledge on a wide array of subjects and that can really mean anything. Science and history questions seem to be answered with ease. But when sports questions come around, sometimes people tend to freeze up since they are not as well-versed.

But the $200 sports question yesterday was so easy that it almost makes you mad that someone received $200 for answering it. Here’s a look at that:

Yes, the answer was Big Papi, David Ortiz. Missing would be a punchable offense in Boston. But since he gave the last name, figure that only warrants a slap on the wrist. But no, since it’s a game show, he gets $200.

I’d give you $200 for answering that question too, but I left my wallet at home.

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