Want The Best Sushi Boston Has To Offer? Here’s Where To Go

I must admit, I have never climbed aboard the sushi bandwagon. That’s probably because I have the appetite range of a seven-year-old child. But I do know, thanks to my more sophisticated palated friends and family, that there is good sushi and there is very horrifyingly bad sushi!

Of all the joints in Boston these five are known for their consistently fresh and delicious creations. So the next time you get a craving, do your taste buds and your digestive tract a favor and head to one of these sushi sanctuaries!


Fuji at Ink Block — 352 Harrison Ave., South End


While sushi is famous for being raw, head chef Jimmy Liang has made a name for himself by searing some of his creations to add a bit of flare to your traditional favorites. All of the menu items are made with locally-sourced ingredients, and each chef receives anywhere from five to ten years of training before ever preparing your favorite roll. Liang’s recommendation and personal favorite is “The Queen’s Roll,” which was inspired by his fiancé. It consists of spicy tuna, Japanese Wagyu beef, caviar, and gold. Best-sellers include the “Spicy Tuna Maki,” and “The Waldorf.”


PABU Boston — 3 Franklin St., Downtown


Chef and co-owner Ken Tominaga, is based in San Francisco, but devoted to bringing the sophisticated Japanese cuisine he adores to Boston. He visits the Bay area location monthly in order to tweak the menu. His number one recommendation is his namesake, the “Ken’s Roll,” which consists of shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy tuna and pine nuts.


RUKA Restobar — 505 Washington St., Downtown

"Halibut Ceviche // Nigori. Burnt bread paste. Brazil nuts. Passionfruit. So beautiful." | @chelseamerlini

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RUKA is unique in that it combines flavors from both Latin America and Asia, but before you go running for the hills, give this a concept a try! The “Fuego Wagyu,”  is served over fire. It’s definitely spicy and not for the faint of heart, but it will certainly add a little drama to your dinner. The “Crispy Rock Shrimp,” a makimono roll that combines Florida rock shrimp, Asian pear, and avocado is a best seller and crowd pleaser.


Ebi Sushi Bar — 290 Somerville Ave., Somerville

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Owner and chef José Garcia recommends trying the Omakase Nigiri – a 10-piece sampler – in order to experience the best of what Ebi has to offer. The rice is prepared in the authentic Japanese style with sugar, orange zest, and traditional vinegar, striking a balance between sweet and savory. If you prefer a bit of sweet with your sushi, try the “Honey Hotate Pecorino,” with its fried shallots topping, or the “Sweet Egg Tamago,” served with a sugary sauce made with Japanese wine.


Cafe Sushi — 1105 Massachusetts Ave.,Cambridge

This gem has been around since 1993, but the flavors have certainly evolved since then. While you can still find your traditional favorites on the menu, more adventurous sushi lovers will enjoy the modern choices like the “Summer Vegetable,” a vegetarian option made with avocado, oshinko and marinated eggplant, wasabi oil, grape tomato, and balsamic vinegar.


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