See The Birthplace Of Dunkin' Donuts At Their Flagship Store In Quincy

Boston is know for its historical landmarks and important events including the Boston Tea party, the midnight ride of Paul Revere, and the opening of the flagship Dunkin Donuts shop.  

The original Dunkin Donuts was founded right here in Quincy in 1950

William Rosen was the owner of a lunch spot called Open Kettle when he realized coffee and donuts were the most popular items on his menu.

As the company grew, so did its popularity. The brand and logo changed throughout the years, but the original Dunkin' in Quincy still has the original script sign out front as well as a classic retro feel inside. 

The store includes the original stools in Dunkin's signature colors.

If you visit, be sure to walk around the shop and take a look at the history that appears on the walls including the placard recognizing this shop as the original.

So when you find yourself in Quincy, stop by for a warm donut and hot coffee and say hi to the Carvalhos who have owned and operated the spot since 1979!