Vermont’s Kookiest Roadside Attractions

When you imagine a road trip through Vermont, you probably picture gorgeous scenery and fresh, country air. While that’s certainly what you’ll get in the Green Mountain State, there are also plenty of kitschy, quirky sites to see if you are a fan of roadside Americana.

If you’re cruising through Vermont, stop and pay homage to these fabulously tacky attractions.

World’s Largest Zipper, Barre

Built from native granite, the 74-foot long “zipper” runs between two buildings in a narrow alleyway on Main Street. It obviously is not functional, but still holds the honor of the world’s largest zipper.

Worlds largest zipper. @ccardillo429 #roadsideoddities #worldslargestzipper #barrevt

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World’s Tallest Ladderback Chair, Bennington

The Haynes and Kane furniture store has featured an iconic chair on the yard of their shop since 1940. The current chair stands 19 feet tall and has been in place since 1969.


Whale Tails, I-89 Burlington

The two 13-foot granite whale tails emerge majestically from the ground along Interstate 89 in Burlington. The sculpture, created by Jim Sardonis in 1989 is called Reverence.

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World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet, Burlington

Towering 38-feet into the sky is this odd art piece composed of stacked metal filing cabinets welded together. What makes the sculpture beautiful are the graffiti tags that have been added by visitors and admirers.


The Whispering Statue, Barre

The stunning statue “Youth Triumphant” is surrounded by benches for a very specific reason. By some acoustic phenomenon, a person can whisper on one bench and be heard by someone sitting on the opposite bench – 50 feet away – as clearly as if they were sitting next one another.

Good morning, Barre. #YouthTriumphant #MyVtWorld

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Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard, Waterbury

Have you ever wondered how ice cream artists Ben & Jerry feel when they have to “retire” one of their beloved flavors? This “graveyard” in Waterbury should provide the answer – devastated! In honor of the loss of their labors of love, the dessert-duo created a memorial park complete with headstones for their defunct flavors.


Historic Dog House, North Bennington

The Park McCullough House is a 35 room Victorian mansion that sits on 200 gorgeously manicured acres. It is a popular spot for weddings and celebrations, but what makes it a hot spot for roadside kitsch enthusiasts is the mini doghouse-sized replica of the mansion.

Little version of the mansion #VT #exploreVT #parkmcculloughhouse

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The Museum of Everyday Life, Glover

This quirky little gem of a museum pays homage to the simple things in life that we tend to take for granted, like pencils, paperclips and toothbrushes. They are currently featuring a hall of mirrors.

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