Vermont Only Holds 5 Guinness World Records, But It’s Not For Lack Of Trying!

Vermont may have fewer Guinness World Records than the other New England states, but you have to give them credit for attempting some pretty wacky stunts!

From making the world’s biggest grilled cheese sandwich to playing softball in the snow, their achievements are nothing to sneeze at. And they’re not satisfied with ‘good enough’. Several Vermonters are planning, attempting or applying for Guinness World Record status right now!

Here are the 5 records the Green Mountain State already has in the bag.

Largest grilled sandwich

On November 4, 2000 Cabot Creamery of Vermont made the world’s largest grilled cheese sandwich at the 2nd Annual Everglades Cheese Cracker Festival in Everglades City, Florida. The sandwich weighed in at 320 lb. It measured 5 ft x 10 ft 0.5 in x 2.5 in and 11 ft 2.75 in across the diagonal after cooking.

Largest Cadillac parade

298 Cadillac cars descended upon the Orleans County Fair in Barton, VT on August 17, 2011. The parade was held in honor of the inventor of both the Cadillac and Lincoln cars, Henry M. Leland, who was a Barton native.

Longest marathon playing dodgeball

The longest marathon playing dodgeball took place at Castleton State College from April 27 to 29, 2012. It lasted 41 hr 3 min 17 sec.

Longest balance board duration

Tatum Braun achieved the record for the longest balance board duration at 7 hours 25 minutes 30.86 seconds on July 10, 2015 in Charlotte, VT. Apparently balance runs in the family because Cricket Braun, Tatum’s mother, held the same record in 2005.

Largest snow softball tournament

The largest snow softball tournament is the Freezing Fun For Families Winter CO-ED Softball Tournament with 795 players from 61 teams, at Barre Town Recreation field from March 6 – 8, 2009.

These are the only five World Records officially on the books for Vermont. However, there may be several more pending. In October of this year, 35-year-old Brent Fraser of Upper Valley attempted to be the first to set a record for “Greatest height catching a grape in the mouth.” Guinness requires a minimum attempt of 30 feet, Fraser managed it at 101 feet.

According to, in August of 2015, the Shona Grill in Bellows Falls, Vermont, barbecued for 34 hours straight, breaking the previous record of 30 hours. However, the restaurant had to apply to the Guinness Book of World Records to prove they broke the record. At this point the Guinness website does not reflect the Shona Grill as the record holders.

An attempt was also made at breaking the longest contra-dance line record in 2014 College of St. Joseph in Rutland. Keep it up Vermont! With your enthusiasm and effort, you should be raking in the records soon enough!

Featured Image via Guinness Book of World Records

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