USA Today likes the Patriots chances of a perfect season

The New England Patriots are the only team in NFL history that has won out an entire regular season since the NFL switched to a 16-game format. It was 2007, and the Patriots did not even win a championship that season, yet they have won five in this era. That just prove how dominant these teams truly are and that they have been a thorn in the side of everyone in the AFC East over the last decade and a half. Seriously, it’s impressive.

The expectations, of course, are high for the Patriots again this season and by high, this means high by Patriots standards. OK, so the team who won the Super Bowl last year and still ended up getting better in the offseason? Yes. Them. USA Today is projecting they go undefeated this season.

It honestly does not matter if they go undefeated in the regular season. Sure it looks cool to have a perfect season but at the end of the 2007 NFL season, it did not really matter too much for the Patriots because they were served a GIANT loss. The only time it matters to go undefeated is in the postseason.

Plus it’s not a fair thing to expect. Early in the year, teams are going to have bad weeks. Teams are going to have injuries. Sometimes, you just have to accept that the other team has talent and did one hell of a job preparing. Not that the Patriots are often outcoached, but someone might find holes in their gameplan.

Someone suggested to me at a local eatery this week that this might be Tom Brady’s last year and that’s why the Patriots brought in guys like Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore, among others. Who knows? Prob not. But hey, this team is looking good enough to win it all even before the season starts.

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