Uconn Women’s basketball team is unstoppable

News flash: the UConn women’s basketball team is still really good.

Remember how they used to be a powerhouse? Yeah, they still are. This week, they had a big milestone win. They’ve won 90 straight games which tied for the longest win streak in women’s college hoops history. Take a wild guess who’s record they beat? Their own. That record occurred from November 2008 to December 2010.

In case you were wondering how they were doing this year, the answer is incredible. We’re talking 15-0. No. 1 team in the nation. They topped No. 20 South Florida 102-37 on Tuesday night. Yeah. They beat a ranked team by 65 points. Imagine of that happened in any other sport. That would be pretty ridiculous. Dominant.

So who are the big standouts on UConn? Well, they have a lot of talented players but if we’re talking top scorers, that would have to be Katie Lo Samuelson and Napheesa Collier. Samuelson is good for 20.1 points per game while Collier has put up 19.3 points per contest.

So will the team keep up this stretch of dominance? Even if it’s not this insane win steak — which it probably could be — they’ll still be incredible. Just look at their recruiting class: two players have a 98 overall and the other two have a 97 overall. Pretty impressive. Pretty impressive.

You just have to wonder why this has gone so far under the radar? This is a powerhouse team we’re talking about. They’re like even more successful than the New England Patriots at what they do.

Not convinced by their dominance or need betting odds from last year’s March Madness tournament. Las Vegas gave them 1:9 odds to win the National Championship. Think about that: you had to bet $900 to win $100. And they won. Easy money right there, not to say it’s a good idea to bet on college sports, but just saying.

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