Two Of Your Favorite Boston Snacks Have Come Together For A Limited Time

Larry Burdick and his family relocated to Walpole, New Hampshire in 1992 and luckily for the folks of New England, they brought their exquisite chocolate business with them!

L.A. Burdick is now globally recognized as one of the finest chocolatiers in the country, if not the world, with their uniquely flavored truffles and signature chocolate mice.

They also have a pastry kitchen featuring baked culinary traditions from Switzerland, France, and Austria. One of their most popular selections are the colorful and delectable Luxembourgers – hand-piped meringues layered with all-natural buttercream, ganache, or fruit jam similar to the oh-so trendy macaron.

Luxembourgers come in chocolate, lemon-blueberry, pistachio, cherry, and apricot flavors, each layered with signature Burdick’s ganache.

Now, the crunchy, chewy, moist and chocolate-y treats you adore have combined with Boston’s best ice cream! Toscanini’s was founded in 1981 and deemed “The World’s Best Ice Cream” by The New York Times. Their flavors change daily, but there are always 32 delicious options to choose from.

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L.A. Burdick’s Cambridge and Boston locations (52 Brattle St., Harvard Square; 220 Clarendon St., Back Bay) are temporarily serving Toscanini’s delicious homemade ice cream stuffed inside their handcrafted macarons!!

The tasty, creamy creations will be available through the end of September with three delicious combinations to choose from: chocolate macarons with hazelnut ice cream, pistachio macarons with earl grey ice cream, and almond macarons with matcha green tea ice cream.

If you find yourself addicted come October, head north to La Maison Navarre in Portsmouth, NH (121 Congress St.) where macaron ice cream sandwiches are always on the menu in a wide array of fun flavors.

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