Two New England MiLB teams could be gone soon

Although there is a chance Major League Baseball could expand in the next decade, Minor League Baseball looks like it's going to contract in the coming years.

At least that's the current proposal from Major League Baseball. They want to get rid of 42 minor league teams in order to prioritize things like modern facilities and geography, according to reports.

And based on the initial lists that are out, if this goes through, a pair of New England franchises would be impacted: the Lowell Spinners and Vermont Lake Monsters.

It would be a decision for the league to make but odds are, it would not be a popular one in a number of local municipalities. Think about it: the Lake Monsters play in Burlington. That's northern Vermont. Not only are they the only professional sports team in that entire state, but there's not any pro baseball teams remotely close to there. My main question is why the hell they're an Oakland A's affiliate when the only A's Vermont connection is Daric Barton, but whatever....

And, of course, the Spinners give fans of the Red Sox to check out a first round draft pick here and there years before they either make it to the big leagues or drop off the face of the earth. Let's be honest, it's pretty close in terms of odds among those two occurrences.

Surely, this will be a long drawn out and controversial process. There are leases that have to be honored and all that.

However, don't let this distract you from the fact that the Houston Astros are cheaters and that they should be banished from Major League Baseball for forever. Lock them up and throw away the key. No tolerance for teams like them that ruin the integrity of the game. It's funny how the Red Sox beat them last year too.