Tour The Quaint Vermont Town Where Beetlejuice Was Filmed

Tour The Quaint Vermont Town Where Beetlejuice Was Filmed

I don't know about you, but the 1988 cult classic, Beetlejuice is one of my favorite films. With a long-anticipated follow-up due out next year, and Halloween just a few weeks away, why not take a road trip to the quaint New England town where the original movie was shot?

The film takes place in Connecticut, but was actually shot in the adorable little town of East Corinth, Vermont. 

A short drive down East Corinth's main road takes you past most of the locations featured in Beetlejuice.

The hardware store visited by the Maitlands (played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) prior to their untimely demise was actually a now-defunct general store.

The town’s Mason Hall stood in for Lydia Dietz’s schoolhouse, and in one scene, the whole town is shown from above.

You can even visit the bridge where the Maitlands have their fatal accident. It is located on East Corinth's Chicken Farm Road. Unlike in the film, the real bridge is not covered. That feature was added to play up the quaint New England feel. 

The “cover” was re-purposed after filming and is in use at the Northeast Slopes ski area.

As for the Victorian style home "haunted" by the Deitz family, it was specially constructed on-site and was mostly just a façade. However, you can visit the hill where it was built. It is located on the main road at the southern edge of East Corinth's downtown.

Fun Fact #1: During filming, the crew used the open interior of the fake house as a basketball court.

Fun Fact #2: The “roof” of the house was made from painted canvas that sagged between shots. For the exterior shots, the fake building was pressurized with giant fans to make the “roof” puff up. 


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