Top 6 Father’s Day Gifts for The Boston Dad


Father’s Day is coming up. We know you have the best dad evah, so why not show him with a unique gift this year. Whether your dad is a beer enthusiast, grilling master, or Fenway fanatic, we have the gift for him! Check out our top six gifts below:

1. Best Dad Evah Tailgate Tee


Why get dad a regular old t-shirt when you can get him one that will open his beer? That’s right, this tee comes with a built in bottle opener right on the t-shirt! As if that wasn’t enough, this tee is wicked soft & comfy.


2.  Best Dad Evah Mug


A classic gift for the classic Boston Dad. This mug will hold 16oz of his favorite coffee, tea or ice cream.


3. Fenway Dirty Water Trucker Hat


If your dad doesn’t already have one of these hats, he’s missing out. Grab one of these bestsellers and watch it become his new favorite hat


4. Fenway Wood Sign with Bottle Opener



Every Dad needs a cool bottle opener somewhere in his home. This wall mount bottle opener sign will look great in his garage, basement or wherever else he hangs out and cracks a beer.


5. Wicked Pissah Grill Master Apron



If your dad is the grill mastah of the family, then this is the perfect gift! Not only does this apron looks great, it also comes with oven an oven mitt, towel, retractable bottle opener and an insulated pocket  for his beer. It’s the ultimate grilling accessory.


6. Grillin Mastah T-Shirt



Your dad is gonna need something to wear under our grill master apron, so why not complete the look with our Grillin Mastah T-Shirt. If he flips burgers and sears steaks like a pro, then this tee belongs to him.


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