Tom Brady proves the NFL must be fake

Tom Brady proves the NFL must be fake

Well, this is pretty disappointing if we are being honest.

Sometimes, fans want there to be drama or dispute between two people or teams. It's like how fans love it when there is conflict between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The fans went nuts when Joe Kelly threw at Tyler Austin (we disavow that violence, but are simply stating facts). The Bruins-Montreal Canadians "rivalry", so to speak, generates interest. And Boston College football fans would love it if their rivalry with Notre Dame was like it was in the past.

As a New England Patriots fan, this is some tough news to swallow. Tom Brady made a huge announcement on Twitter about his "rivalry" with another star quarterback.

That's right: we are talking about Peyton Manning. This guy was like the biggest enemy of the Patriots for years other than footman (Rex Ryan). He was the other best quarterback in the NFL. The only thing he ranked No. 1 in was forehead size.

And yet, it turns out the whole thing was a hoax.

Brady tweeted out a photo of him and Peyton Manning with a caption which read,

"Spoiler alert... we were friends this whole time. Always great to see you Peyton!"



Uh... what?

Are you flipping kidding me?

So these guys were friends the whole time despite the bitter rivalry between their teams?

No. I don't buy it.

Actually, yes I do. But now we know the NFL is fake. These guys are actors in the way that the guy who played Newman in Seinfeld and the guy who played Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld were probably friendly off the screen.

What a ripoff. All of these years, I was dumb enough to think the NFL was real. Now, clearly, that's not the case.

But now it's confirmed: it's the WWE of pro sports.

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