Tom Brady confident in Patriots quarterback situation

It appears as though Tom Brady has been lurking in the bushes all along.

Well, not really. But he is following the New England Patriots. It makes sense: he’s the greatest quarterback in team history. Not backing that up with facts either. Argue it. Bam. You can’t. Boom.

But Brady knows how lousy this QB situation is. He should be out there. The commish came after him after all this stuff was over. It’s really stupid and now Jimmy G may or may not be hurt. Regardless, TB12 is confident his minions will hold it down while he’s out training in the Himalayas or something.

“Jacoby’s done a great job taking advantage of his opportunity,” Brady said on the radio today. “He went in there yesterday and showed a lot of poise. He’s got a great demeanor about him. I’ve loved working with him. I think he shows up to work every day working hard. He’s very competitive. I know our coaching staff will have him prepared and ready to go for Thursday night if he’s called upon. Who knows, Jimmy may be out there. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Jacoby as in Jacoby Brissett. The guy who played QB in the second half against the Dolphins. TB12 thinks he’s good. Sure, he might not know the playbook the way Jimmy G does and he might not be able to throw like the other two, but he’s not a bad quarterback. Tom Brady said so.

Brady even expressed confidence in his buddy Julian Edelman — if the Pats need him to play a little QB.

“If that’s the case I’d expect Julian to go in there and the coaches to be comfortable with the plays they’re calling for him,” Brady said. “He still talks about that touchdown pass he threw against Baltimore a few years ago. Actually, maybe it would give him a little more ammunition if he did well. But if he didn’t do so well, he’s batting 1.000 right now so there’s only one place to go.”

This calls for one of my world-famous YouTube clips.

Batting 1.000? That’s like Sandy Leon-esque right there.

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