Tom Brady attempts the worst April Fool's Day joke ever

Tom Brady attempts the worst April Fool's Day joke ever

Tom Brady might be in his 40s, but he's still pretty bad at April Fool's Day.

The New England Patriots quarterback thought he could fool some people by offering up some really shocking "news" on social media, but let's just say it was pretty easy to tell it was a hoax.

Brady made a Twitter account on April 1 (@TomBrady). It was already verified before he made it, which means it is legit. His first tweet read, "I'm retiring. In my spare time, I'll be tweeting #LFG". Of course, LFG stands for let's F-word-ing go.
His next non-reply tweet was: Was this a bad joke?





Uh, yeah, dude. This was one of the worst April Fool's Day jokes of all-time. If you make a Twitter on April Fool's Day, that in itself should be a red flag. After that, Brady has been quarterback of the Patriots for what? Nearly two decades? He has six Super Bowl rings. He wouldn't retire in a ten word tweet.

Look at how emotional Rob Gronkowski's Instagram post was last week. If Brady really wanted to sell it, he should've done it on March 31 in a super long and emotional Instagram post. Maybe he even could've gotten Bill Belichick in on the prank or made it into a video where he had fake tears or something. I don't know. This was not his best stuff.

But yeah, I guess that means Tom Brady is on Twitter now, or at least his people are on Twitter. It's about time he finally made one.

Now, one has to wonder what he's going to tweet about. My guess is he'll probably tweet something on the day of the Kentucky Derby, and maybe he'll congratulate an NFL Draft pick or two later this month. We shall find out soon enough.

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