This Working Dairy Farm In Whitinsville Offers Much More Than Just Ice Cream

This Working Dairy Farm In Whitinsville Offers Much More Than Just Ice Cream

Are you looking for unique ways to keep the kids (and yourself) entertained this summer? Plan a trip to rural Whitinsville to experience West End Creamery.

As the name suggests, the farm features an ice cream shop with 60 super-premium flavors. They also have a wide selection of frozen yogurt, sherbet, and sorbet.

But the property at West End Creamery is far more than delicious ice cream and a working farm! It also boasts an 18-hole mini golf course, go-carts, massive bounce pillows (one for kids and one for adults), and much more!

If putt-putt is your thing, the mini golf course will make your day. Considered one of the best in the state, it features a rustic farm theme with a working windmill and lovely flora and fauna. 

Kids young, old, and young at heart will love the Barnyard Jump area. If you are not familiar with "bounce pillows," they are kind of like inflatable bouncy castles, but sturdier and more permanent.

The large air-filled pockets are set into the ground, offering additional safety for the little ones.

Opt for the Combo Pass and save $3 each on your mini golf/Barnyard Jump adventure.

The property also features a massive corn maze that serves as a centerpiece of the farm's annual Fall Festival.

Depending on when you visit, the maze may be plowed under in preparation for the next season's design - like this 2017 maze in honor of Tom Brady!

In addition to the working dairy, West End Creamery also grows hay, pumpkins and feed corn. As for animals, there are adorable sheep, donkeys, chickens, bunnies, alpacas, and goats to interact with and learn about.

West End Creamery is the perfect mix of rural beauty and summer fun. Check out their website to plan your visit!

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