This Whimsical Cape Cod Store Features Thousands Of Rubber Ducks

This Whimsical Cape Cod Store Features Thousands Of Rubber Ducks

"Rubber Duckie, you're the one, You make bath time so much fun..."

The folks of Ducks in the Window in Chatham, MA apparently took this Sesame Street ditty to heart when they opened their playful shop.

With rows and rows of colorful rubber bath friends, you'll find the perfect Cape Cod souvenir or gift.

Organized by size and theme, you are sure to find a duckie for any occasion including baby showers, boat christenings, graduations, or gifts for your fellow officemates.

Ducks in the Window has hundreds of styles from Bud USA, Lanco, DITW Design, and more. Choose from polka dots, colorful chevron patterns, flags, patchworks, unicorns, mermaids, sports and holiday themes, and even uniformed ducks.

There are dozens of Celebri-ducks including musical favorites Ziggy Starduck (David Bowie), Prince, The Material Bird (Madonna), Mick Jagger, Gene Simmons, Willy Nelson, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, "Aviary" Grande and Birdo Marsh (Bruno Mars).

Looking for a Valentine's gift for your favorite Star Wars geek? How about a Pond Wars duck? They glow in the dark!

In addition to their  themed ducks, Ducks in the Window also offers personalized jumbo rubber duckies.

Choose a traditional Sailor's Cap or Nantucket Straw Bonnet embroidered with any name, place, or saying.

Each personalized jumbo duck comes with one of several bandana or scarf styles including floral and nautical prints, even feather boas!

Ducks in the Window also has an array of whimsical gifts and apparel as well as tons of baby gifts like blankets, books and plush toys.

Next time you're on the Cape, be sure to head to Chatham for a fun-filled stroll through the aisles of rubber ducks.

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