This Scenic Maine Hike Leads To A Hidden Pool Of Fresh Turquoise Water

This Scenic Maine Hike Leads To A Hidden Pool Of Fresh Turquoise Water

Maine is a wonderland of natural beauty. Some spots are well-known and heavily traveled by locals and tourists alike. And then there are the hidden gems like Rattlesnake Flume and Pool near Stoneham.

The short, 35-minute hike is considered easy to moderate by

Rattlesnake Pool and Flume are located on private property, but the owners graciously allow visitors to enjoy these gorgeous natural wonders as long as they are respectful and remain on trails marked Chatham Trail Association ('CTA') only.

As waterfalls go, Rattlesnake Flume and Pool - fed by Rattlesnake Brook - are not all that impressive. The moss-covered flume features a modest 10-foot drop and the pool is quite small, only large enough to hold a handful of swimmers at a time.

What makes the spot so special is the sparkling, crystal-clear turquoise water. Shaded by Hemlock trees and fed by mountain water and snow runoff, the pool is frigid almost year-round with only the bravest of swimmers able to handle the chill during the summer months.

To get to Rattlesnake Pool, visit Blueberry Mountain in Evans Notch. You'll want to access Stone House Trail via Shell Pond Road near the town of Gilead.

Once on the trail, markers will guide you to a small footbridge where you can view a portion of the gorge. A half-mile or so beyond the bridge, you will find your destination!

The pool remains clean and perfectly clear year round, even when surrounded by snow. While most visitors prefer a summer hike, there is something even more magical about discovering this hidden gem in the winter!


Featured Image via Facebook/Renee Moore

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