This Milk Bar Chef Will Teach You To Bake On Instagram

This Milk Bar Chef Will Teach You To Bake On Instagram

Did you ever think you'd get the chance to take baking lessons from one of the world's most renowned chefs? In addition a new appreciation for the little things, our time in lockdown has been enhanced with free classes, tutorials, and educational videos on social media.

Top performers in their field are offering to teach us a variety of skills we may never have had a chance to learn otherwise, and Milk Bar's all-star baker, Christina Tosi is no exception.

Last month she launched Baking Club - a series of follow-along video tutorials - on her Instagram feed.

You may know Milk Bar for THE MOST FAMOUS BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER! The stores also feature a variety of drool-worthy truffles, cookies, and pies.

While Tosi will not be sharing the trade secrets behind her shop's most coveted treats, you can learn how to make a lemon curd and a mean popover!

The lessons are taught straight from Tosi's home kitchen and typically begin with an Ellen-style dance party. Her adorable dog, Butter also makes frequent appearances. Delicious baked goods + dogs = my idea of a good time!

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🧈&🍞 - a classic combo

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To join the fun, tune into Tosi's Instagram feed at 2 PM for the day's tutorial. The ingredients you'll need are posted the previous day so you can be sure you have everything on-hand. Most recipes are simple and require items you likely already have in your pantry.

Have fun and be sure to share what you make!

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