This Local Shop Now Offers Donut Breakfast Sandwiches

Picture this: You are craving the cakey sweetness of a donut, but you know that in order to make it through to lunch, you really ought to have some protein. Do you go for the savory, protein packed egg, bacon and cheese on a bagel? Or do you cave to your desires and go for the sugar-bomb pastry?

When breakfast donuts are released the day before you leave Boston, you go get them!

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Union Square Donuts has come up with the perfect solution! In response to their customers’ long-running requests for a breakfast sandwich option, owner Josh Danoff responded this week by introducing donut sandwiches to the menu at both Union Square brick and mortar stores in Somerville and Brookline.

The sandwiches made their debut Tuesday morning to the delight of commuters, with the shop announcing the new breakfast items on social media just one day before, writing:

“Have you ever wondered how great it would be to turn our donuts into breakfast sandwiches? … They’re even better than we thought they’d be.”

The menu now includes three donut sandwich options – all prepared using a sliced plain donut. There is the egg and cheese, made with Cabot cheddar; the bacon, egg, and cheese, prepared with the same thick-cut bacon that made the Union Square maple bacon donut famous; and lox, egg, and house-made cream cheese.

According to Danoff the sandwiches have been in the works for several months. He called upon his staff to help him taste-test the prototypes.

“We had to eat a lot of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches,” he told “We all just dug deep. We knew that we were eating these doughnut breakfast sandwiches for the greater good.”

Those who want to go all out with the sweetness can request a maple glaze dipping sauce. Customers who aren’t ready to dive into the deep end of the donut sandwich pond can opt for an everything spice topping that is applied to the donut with an egg wash after deep frying, creating an everything bagel-feel.

Breakfast sandwich on a donut. I'm not mad at that. @unionsquaredonuts

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Currently the sandwiches are served Monday through Friday at the Somerville and Brookline stores only. They are not available at the Boston Public Market location or in any other retail shop that sells Union Square donuts.

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