This JD Martinez guy is getting annoying

This JD Martinez guy is getting annoying

Remember how offseason how we talked about how the Red Sox need to get JD Martinez as some sort of a knee-jerk reaction to the New York Yankees getting Giancarlo Stanton. Well, finally, there has been an update on that front. Not a good update. Just an update.

The Athletic (yeah, that website) reported that Martinez is “fed up” with the Red Sox “lack of flexibility” at the negotiation table and because of this, may rather play someplace else.

Here’s the problem though: it really seems like no one else is even very interested in JD Martinez. What other teams have y’all seen him linked to this offseason for the money he wants? Uh. Like none.

The Red Sox offered Martinez a five-year deal worth $125 million, according to the Boston Herald in late January. But that wasn’t good enough, I guess…

Now, it has been reported by many outlets that Martinez is willing to wait until after Spring Training to sign a contract. But you know what, if he’s going to do that, then let him. His production will falter because he won’t get spring training reps AND the 2018 free agent class is loaded. Plus, you have to figure some of these guys in the Red Sox lineup will have bounce-back years--partly because of the Alex Cora effect.

The Red Sox don’t have a bad squad here and now; they could just afford to bring in some more depth and they’re playoff contenders yet again.

Remember, there’s still plenty of bats on the free agent market, but these players and the MLBPA don’t seem to understand that owners are tired of getting fleeced on deals for players over the age of 30. Since they control the money--and made their money doing something else in the private sector--they have the upper hand here. If Martinez took the Red Sox contract, he’d be set for life. Can’t really feel sorry for him here.

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