This Hudson, MA Cobbler's Shop Is Just A Front For A Hidden Speakeasy

This Hudson, MA Cobbler's Shop Is Just A Front For A Hidden Speakeasy

Prohibition may have been repealed, but you can still enjoy the dark, naughty feel of a speakeasy at Less Than Greater Than in Hudson, Massachusetts. 

Believe it or not, the cocktail club was a true speakeasy for its first six months in business. Rather than advertizing or creating a social media presence, the owners allowed the first few patrons to stumble upon the bar organically. Once the word spread, LTGT was an instant hit.

Upon arrival, it would seem as if you are about to enter a nondescript cobbler's shop, but the door is just a front masking the hidden bar/restaurant.

To gain entry, locate the New City Microcreamery on Main Street and head around to the back. There, you’ll find a plain gray door that appears to belong to the cobbler's shop.

Nearby is a simple lightswitch. Switch it on and a peephole will appear in the door. A mysterious figure will ask if you are there to "see the cobbler" and how many shoes you have, a.k.a. how many people are in your party.

If you are deemed worthy of entry, the door will open onto a dimly lit, richly decorated cocktail bar.

Less Than Greater Than is worth all the extra effort once you sample the food and drink menus. The drinks are old fashioned with a modern twist - not to mention they're good and stiff!

The dessert-worthy Spirits and Cream is made with real ice cream and has the same amount of alcohol as a regular cocktail.

Hungry? Enjoy elevated bar food options like gourmet burgers and lobster rolls, or take it up a notch with seared scallops or grass-fed beef short ribs.

Learn more about Less Than Greater Than and view the food and drink menus here.

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