This Connecticut Park Is Perfect For Dinosaur Fans Young & Old

I’ll admit it, when the original Jurassic Park hit theaters I saw it 4 times. I knew every line and every scene by heart. I had all the stuffed animals and at least 3 T-shirts. I became an official dinosaur nerd.

With the release of Jurassic World in 2015, a whole new generation of dinosaur fans was born – and we O.G. dino-lovers were given a rare treat. Whether your children have caught the dinosaur bug or you just want to sharpen your own prehistoric skills, The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale is the perfect weekend guilty pleasure.

The Dinosaur Place is a part of Nature’s Art Village – a massive learning and shopping center with a little something for everyone.

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The massive adventure park offers more than 60 acres of fun and adventure.

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There are more than 40 life-sized dinos to find.

Some are realistic sculptures,

While others are animatronic, rustling the leaves around them to help children find their locations.


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The beautiful setting is enough to keep the adults entertained.

But The Dinosaur Place is all about the kids.

They feature New England’s largest splash pad

The Jurassic Moon Bounce

Monty’s Dino-Sized Playground

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The T-Rex Tower Playscape

and the A”Maze”Asaurus labyrinth.

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Inside, children are invited to explore Discovery Depot where they can dig for fossils and minerals,

Take advantage of fun photo ops,

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And create their own jewelry or shop for educational toys at the massive gift shop.

The Dinosaur Place encourages kids to indulge their natural curiosity and learn about science and history in a fun way. They are always offering specials like local’s appreciation, Easter egg hunts and fall festivals, so be sure to follow them on Facebook!

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