This Connecticut Diner Serves Epic Themed Milkshakes

Depending on your level of self control, you will either want to speed to Stamford, Connecticut as fast as you can, or delete it from your GPS to remove the temptation! The Elm Street Diner has been a family-owned staple since 1987. They immediately made a name for themselves with their warm, homemade cinnamon sugar donuts. But it wasn’t until they began combining those donuts with ice cream that the magic really happened.

The Famous Donut Sundae kicked it all off, sparking an incredibly diverse, creative and sugar high-inducing trend of the biggest, most elaborate themed milkshakes you have ever seen!

The menu offers 12 varieties that are available everyday, ranging from traditional diner staples like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, to wacky extravagant creations like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Rice Krispy Treat.

The Coconut Cream Pie milkshake features one of Elm Street’s other signature deserts atop a glass coated in toasted coconut, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and cherries.

The Nutella S’mores Shake boasts chocolate, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker crumble, chocolate chips and a signature Elm Street donut – oh, and Nutella, of course!

Got a hankering for cinnamon buns? This gooey masterpiece is dripping with caramel, coated in cinnamon bun cereal pieces, topped with a slice of cinnamon cake and garnished with a real cinnamon bun.

I’m not sure if this badboy even has a name, but as you can see, it features red velvet cake, a donut and tons of rainbow sprinkles. Wow!

In honor of Greek Independence Day, the milkshake masters at the Elm Street Diner created this Nutella Baklava beauty!

And who can forget National Oreo Day? Any guesses as to what’s in this indulgent treat?

To celebrate reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram they concocted this sparkler-topped party milkshake featuring two donuts and three mini-cupcakes!

But where these ice cream artists really shine is with their holiday inspired creations! Check out this adorable love-themed Valentine’s Day treat!

And this festive Christmas creation with a smiling Santa, Christmas tree snack cake and a gingerbread man!

This year’s Easter Shake was a colorful array of pastel Peeps, chocolate eggs, a sugar bunny and a full-sized classic chocolate rabbit.

To experience the Luck o’ the Irish enjoy one of these rainbow topped delicacies complete with a Reese Cup pot of gold, green M & M’s, edible gold coins and a full-sized chocolate cupcake!

Halloween is the time for candy, and Elm Street celebrates in style with this Black Knight creation adorned in orange and black confections.

Pumpkin lovers may prefer this masterpiece chock full of caramel and candy corns with a big slice of homemade pumpkin pie on top!

The Elm Street Diner serves far more than just milkshakes and pastries, including their diverse and equally colorful breakfast selections. They’ve won the coveted Best of the Gold Coast Awards for Best Diner and Best Breakfast three years running!

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