Things I Would Do For A Buck!

Things I Would Do For A Buck!

A dollar isn't worth much these days.. in fact I can't think of many things that you can still buy with a dollar in 2020..  Maybe a few pieces of gum from a bubble gum machine and maybe a candy bar, but not even sure you could find one for under $1.00 anymore. In fact, the dollar store should be sued for false advertising because I assume not everything in there is actually under a dollar, buy maybe I am wrong (haven't been in a dollar store before). 

We loved the slogan and thought that it would make a fun t-shirt because it's been one of those staple, dad slogans that you have heard before.  We put our Chowdaheadz spin on it and come up with this winner, which is great for those that love hunting or just think the slogan is funny and works on this tee:



What would you do for a dollar nowadays? 


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