There Is A Rocking Horse Graveyard In Lincoln, MA

There Is A Rocking Horse Graveyard In Lincoln, MA

15 miles west of Boston in a field along Lawrence's Old Sudbury Road sits a strange and unofficial graveyard. Instead of crooked tombstones and forgotten ancestors, this long-lost resting place is home to dozens of discarded rocking horses.

The landmark is known as Ponyhenge, and according to Atlas Obscura, no one really knows how or why it began. What they do know is that sometime in 2010, someone abandoned a single hobby horse in the tranquil pasture, and Ponyhenge grew from there. 

One local legend says the first pony arrived along with a child's lemonade stand, while another claims it was a forgotten piece of a Christmas display.

Ponyhenge may sound like a sad and lonely place, but it has gained a cult following, and receives thousands of visitors each year. 

While many of the new arrivals are still in working order, the veteran horses are in various states of decay after nearly a decade of harsh New England weather. Some have rusted springs and faded paint. Others barely show a glimmer of their former glory.

Visitors periodically rearrange the horses into a circle or line them up in rows like race horses. A simple Instagram search for #ponyhenge reveals that the site is also a favorite spot for selfie-lovers and adventurers.

The family who owns the land supports Ponyhenge, telling the Boston Globe in 2015, “There was something lovely about it being anonymous, and now every time we go away, another one appears.”

Want to visit Ponyhenge? Enter "39 Old Sudbury Rd. Lincoln MA" into your GPS. You'll find a pull-off for parking directly in front of the field.


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