The Red Sox better not sign Jonathan Papelbon

Past success with a team builds nostalgia — hence why many Boston Red Sox fans think it would be a good idea for the Red Sox to go out and sign Jonathan Papelbon. It would be: if they were trying to tank.

Unhappy he was no longer their closer, Papelbon requested (and was granted) his release from the Washington Nationals. So now, he’s a free agent. Oh my God! Yes! Jonathan Papelbon is a free agent! He’d be perfect for the Red Sox! No! Not even close.

Papelbon is having the worst year of his career. He’s 2-4 with a 4.37 ERA and a 1.457 WHIP) and he plays in the National League — where they hit the pitcher instead of a DH. You know what that would make him in the Red Sox bullpen? The worst pitcher.

Before his release, Papelbon has completely exploded. He had allowed nine runs his final five outings (lasting just 3.1 innings).

And no, he’s not throwing hard anymore; his average fastball is now a career-worst 91 mph.

For those who don’t just want to go off his lousy stats, consider this: what kind of person is Papelbon? He’s kind of a dirtbag (to put it nicely).

Even when he was good, he was hated in Philly. And in D.C., he attacked Bryce Harper.

Is this the kind of guy who uplifts a clubhouse? No. Not at all.

Papelbon only wants to close and he’s not good at it anymore. He could care less about team. He just wants to be closing out games. Even in the worst year of his career, Craig Kimbrel is having what would be a good year by Papelbon standards.

Plus, Papelbon should have been pitchforked out of Boston after costing them the season in 2011.

If the Red Sox really need bullpen help, they would have called up Casey Janssen.

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