The Patriots season is going alright

The Patriots season is going alright

Everyone needs to get real for a second.

The New England Patriots are causing some of their fans to panic. Oh no! They lost a football game! It's all over!

I get it. People want the Patriots to win every game they play. Well, that's just not gonna happen. Sure, they are 2-2 in their last four matchups, and people are upset about it. But you know what? They're still 10-2 this season.

One would think the Patriots were 4-8 and eliminated from playoff contention by the way some people are talking about them. No. They're still an excellent football team. Heck, they still have the opportunity to finish this regular season at 14-2 -- which would be better than they are most seasons.

Think about it: if they split their final four games, they still finish the season at 12-4. If they lose one game, then it's a 13-3 regular season. See what I'm getting at? It's going to be a very successful year regardless. And yes, I get it. You want the team to finish the year stronger than they start it. That's the case in every sport. However, we can't deny that this season is going well for the team. Other fanbases would kill (maybe not kill in the real sense, but in the hypothetical) to watch a team that's this good at playing football.

Also, I'm willing to give the Patriots somewhat of a pass for their loss to the Houston Texans because of that flu bug going around the locker room. Clearly, they weren't in the best of health when playing that game. And despite all of the hate the passing game got, Tom Brady still threw for over 300 yards -- which is good.

So yeah... Plenty of football left to be played and the Patriots are having a great season.

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