The Patriots got a pair of male cheerleaders

The Patriots got a pair of male cheerleaders

The New England Patriots cheerleading squad will look a little different this year.
According to multiple reports, it looks like there will be a couple dudes on it this time around--for the first time in a very long time.

Apparently they are both New Englanders: Diss Dallahi, 23, of New Hampshire, and Steven Sonntag, 22, of Vermont. According to NBC 10 Boston, they hit it off and are both pretty good friends now.

The Patriots aren't the first team in the 21st century to have male cheerleaders either; this is something the Los Angeles Rams did last year. It also looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers followed suit, so that's at least three teams now. It's bound to be more in the future though, if one were taking wagers on it.

It's probably a controversial move--some will hate it while others will love it. Some people might be thinking of their high school days where, for the most part, boys played football and girls cheerleaded. But let's be real: it doesn't matter one iota because we're all gonna die anyways.

NFL cheerleading is of little value. They're not like the high school and competitive cheer that takes a lot of skill; they are a glorified pom squad that doesn't wear a whole lot of clothing (hence why we used a winter photo for the article). What they do has zero outcome on how the Patriots perform on Sundays.

It more seems like one of those things that's a PR move to get the Patriots some attention while nothing is going on during the offseason. It really doesn't cost the Patriots anything because no one is going to either become a Patriots fan or stop being a Patriots fan because they let a couple guys hold pom poms. But hey, people are covering it. We're covering it right now. You win, Patriots.