The Patriots don't get either Bennett brother

The Patriots don't get either Bennett brother

This was the perfect opportunity for the big reunion: the two Bennett boys side-by-side (not really) playing football for the New England Patriots. It would've been cool because, you know, they're like pretty good at football. But yeah, it's not happening now.

Ian Rapoport reported this week that the Patriots made a better offer than their arch rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, when attempting to get Michael Bennett onto the team. The term was “better draft-pick compensation.”

Consider this what the Seahawks are getting in return for Bennett: a fifth-round pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson. Seems weird that they wouldn't just take the better pick. Oh yeah, and the thought of the Eagles improving this offseason should be enough to make Patriots fans' stomachs turn. 

Rapoport wrote that the Patriots were too late to the table with their deal attempt. He said that the Seahawks declined because they nearly had a deal done already. It just sounds like they're bad at using the free market to their advantage. That's all I'm hearing.

Maybe Michael will have a chance to play football with his flesh and blood now though. The Patriots released Martellus this week because he got hurt last year and didn't provide much to the team other than a little dead weight against the salary cap. But it's worth noting Martellus said he would've taken less money to stay in New England if his brother was on the team.

That would be a cool story for their family, but I don't see it happening. The Eagles just don't have the cap to play with at this time. If he wanted to play with them for exposure, then maybe they'd give him a chance--like a HuffPost blogger or something.

Oh well, at least the Patriots still have Rob Gronkowski. That's all they need. 

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