Local "Wine Fairies" Are Spreading Kindness (And Vino)

Local "Wine Fairies" Are Spreading Kindness (And Vino)

Acts of kindness directed at first responders, medical professionals, and the elderly have helped to warm our hearts during this difficult time. Now, some average ladies in a handful of communities north of Boston are expressing their appreciation for one another as well.

Ginny Bevington, a Tewksbury mother of three and part-time property manager, is the founder of the private Facebook group, “Billerica, Tewksbury, and Wilmington Wine Fairies.”

As the name cutely suggests, members act as "fairies" secretly delivering wine and assorted goodies to other women in their area.

Bevington launched the group on April 30, and watched as it quickly grew from 40 local friends to more than 3,400 members. She got the idea from her cousin in Maryland who is a member of a similar group.

“I said, ‘That sounds absolutely amazing,'” Bevington told Boston.com. “I know tons of ladies who would love to receive a bottle of wine and just know someone is actually thinking about them, especially as we’re not able to spend time together physically.”

In order to become a wine fairy in this particular group, you must be 21 years old, live in Billerica, Tewksbury, or Wilmington, and agree to abide by the page’s rules.

Each member shares their wine preferences, and another "wine fairy" delivers a bottle to them. The group is kept private to protect sensitive information including members' addresses.

But the project is typically much more than just a bare bottle on a doorstep. Wine fairies tend to get very crafty and creative when it comes to preparing their wine-grams - not to mention generous!

Some care packages include cards and inspirational messages, kitchy wine glasses, face masks, cookies, candy, teas, salty snacks as well as colorful wrappings.

Bevington has been pleasantly surprised by the unselfish care she has seen her friends and neighbors lavish upon one another.

“The fact that they are going out there and just really putting themselves out there for other people, that just makes me so happy,” Bevington said. “That’s exactly what the group was meant for: to spread happiness and joy.”

The “fairies” often post photos of their ribbon-studded, glitter-covered deliveries to social media.

According to Boston.com, "one of the page’s moderators, Brianna Greenwood, of Tewksbury, makes dozens of deliveries at a time, buying the wine with money raised from creating and selling wine glasses, shirts, and stickers."

Even in the worst of times, people can surprise you with their kindness!

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