The Most Haunted Hotel In Each New England State

New England has its share of ghosts lingering for eternity around the places where they died or were laid to rest. Since many of the historic hotels, inns, resorts and bed & breakfasts date back to the 1700s they are bound to have their share of secrets and restless spirits.

Here are our picks for the most haunted lodging options in each New England state.


The Kennebunk Inn | Kennebunk, ME

Built in 1799 as the private home of Phineas Cole, the Kennebunk Inn was converted into a tavern in 1928. It is said to be haunted by the playful spirit of former nightwatchman, Silas Perkins. Silas is said to prank employees he doesn’t like and cause mischief throughout the inn (especially in room 17).

New Hampshire:

The Beal House Inn | Littleton, NH

The Beal House was a traditional family farmhouse from 1883 to 1933 when it converted to an inn. The “friendly ghosts” who reside there are said to slam doors, tromp up and down the stairs, and carry on conversations in unoccupied rooms.



The Colonial Inn | Concord, MA

Guests have sought lodging at the historic Colonial Inn in Concord since 1716. In 1966, a newlywed couple on their honeymoon were the first to spot the inn’s most famous spirit, the ghost in Room 24. Ever since The Colonial has drawn ghost hunters and historians.

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Captain Grant’s Bed &Breakfast | Preston, CT

Built in 1754, the Grant home housed generations of family as well as Continental soldiers during the Revolutionary War and escaped slaves during the Civil War. Today, the Adelaide room is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman and her two children.

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Rhode Island:

The Biltmore Hotel | Providence, RI

The Biltmore was built by notorious satanist Johan Lessie Weisskopf and is said to have provided some of the inspiration behind Stephen King’s Overlook Hotel in The Shining, Robert Bloch’s Bates Motel in Psycho and the hotel in Season 5 of American Horror Story. Since 1918, numerous murders and mysterious disappearanced have occurred at The Biltmore including bloody gang-related hits during the prohibition era. In 2008 six people disappeared never to be seen again. Rumor has it, they are still at The Biltmore – but they now reside in another plain of existence. It was named the Most Haunted Hotel in 2000.

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Green Mountain Inn | Stowe, VT

Historic Stowe, Vermont draws skiers, leaf peepers and summer hikers by the hundreds-of-thousands each year and many of them find lodging at the Green Mountain Inn. Built in 1833, it has a long history of unique guests including Boots Berry, the inn’s infamous ghost. Boots was the son of an inn chambermaid and horseman born in 1840 in what is now Room 302 of the inn, but was then part of the servants’ quarters. He grew up to work at the inn himself and was nicknamed Boots because he loved to tap dance. In 1902, Boots met his fateful end when he slipped and fell off the roof after rescuing a young girl. On snowy evenings, guests claim they can still hear Boots’ tap dancing feet on the roof.

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