The Lincoln Ice Castles Will Make You Feel Like You’re In The Movie “Frozen”

Winter in New Hampshire can get kind of depressing. All that snow and ice can lose it’s charm after a while – unless of course you’re visiting the Lincoln Ice Castles!

The business is based out of Utah and has icy locations in Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada, and of course, Lincoln, New Hampshire.

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The gorgeous handcrafted structures are composed solely of real ice and snow.

The Ice Castles artisans work daily growing, harvesting and placing 10,000 fresh icicles into the structure.

Their method of creating the castles is top-secret and patented.

The entire sculpture weighs up to 12,500 tons and has walls as thick as 10 feet.

There are built-in tunnels and passageways to get joyously lost in.

And even icy slides to ride!

Be sure to bundle up the kids with boots, hats, gloves, etc. Think of it like you’re going sledding!

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During the day, the sun sparkles through the gorgeously sculpted ice creating a rainbow of natural color.

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At night, the structures are lit with brilliant flashing lights that create a magical effect.

To the delight of the children, there are even frequent appearances from everyone’s favorite Disney princesses – Elsa and Ana from Frozen!

The Huffington Post said: “Just forget about every other castle ever, because these ice castles make everything else pale in comparison.” described the castles as “Magical…twinkling and sense-defying and straight out of fairy tales.”

The Lincoln Ice Castles open for business in late December, weather permitting. Check out their website for hours and pricing.

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