The Freedom Trail, A Boston Treasure!

The Freedom Trail, A Boston Treasure!

Walking down the streets of Boston, you can't help but notice that it has a distinctly historic feel. The Freedom Trail is one way to experience this historical significance up close and in person. Starting at Boston Common where colonists first gathered for protest against British rule, walk through 16 significant locations on your journey towards Charlestown's Bunker Hill Monument commemorating America’s Revolutionary War victory over Britain that led to their independence from colonial rule. Along the trail are ground markers explaining what took place there centuries ago as well as graveyards filled with actors who played pivotal roles during these key events in American history (elderly locals may even be willing to share stories about themselves or loved ones). You'll also pass by notable churches and buildings that have amazing history.

The Freedom Trail was conceived by Boston journalist William Schofield. He wanted to create a pedestrian trail in the city of Boston that would link important local landmarks together, sparking Mayor John Hynes into action. In 1953, 40,000 people were walking the trail annually- but this number has continued to increase over time! The National Park Service operates an interactive visitor's center on Faneuil Hall first floor where they offer tours (at no cost) and provide visitors with historic facts about each landmark along their journey through downtown."

The Freedom Trail is something every one should experience! 

Our newest t-shirt pays homage to the freedom trail and the markers on the route:

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