The Fenway Park college football bowl game got a name

The Fenway Park college football bowl game got a name

So, as some of us already know, there is going to be a college football bowl game at Fenway Park in the future.

Starting in 2020, Fenway Park will add to the long list of bowl games, some of which would say is too long already.

In case you wanted to know what the name of the bowl is going to be they kept it simple: the Fenway Bowl.

You see, this is actually kind of a letdown. I think a lot of people wanted a uniquely New England sponsor for the game and frankly, Fenway is more of a Red Sox thing. People were looking to see if they could get a Dunkin Donuts or a Sam Adams or something more along those lines to get as a sponsor for the game, if I recall correctly.

However, as Andy Wong, of Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus fame, suggested in a now-deleted tweet a few months back: "Kowloon Scorpion Bowl".


That's what it really should've been.

Could've served up some great Chinese food at the game too. My only gripe with that place is that the orders don't come with sides but then again, the portion sizes are quite generous, so I can do fine with a bunch of sesame chicken. And heck, if I wanted to spend a few more bucks, I could get a big thing or rice or something. It's really sharing sized orders, it seems. Frankly though, I'm not big into sharing food. It's germ season and all that.

But yeah, more college football at Fenway Park should be a cool experience. It seems like it does well when Boston College and other teams play there, so why not expand it? It makes perfect sense. Now all they need is a sponsor to rake in the serious money. Huge opportunity.

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