The Country's Top Rated Pizzeria Is Right Here In Boston

The Country's Top Rated Pizzeria Is Right Here In Boston

If you want to sample the country's best pizza you have to travel to New York...right? Wrong! 

This week, TripAdvisor announced that its users' reviews have named Boston's own Regina Pizzeria as the top-rated pizza spot in America.

The travel site sorted through millions of reviews, taking into account “the quality and quantity of reviews and great pizza reviews,” to create a top 10 list of U.S. pizza restaurants.

Regina eeked into the number one spot, beating out NYC’s Bleecker Street Pizza, which took second place.

“Everyone wants to know where to get the best slice and after sinking our teeth into TripAdvisor data, we delivered the top pizzerias and cities for pizza across the country,” Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor, said in a press release. “A list with a lot of flavor, it’s topped by some iconic destinations for pizza along with some surprising tastes in Nashville and Anchorage. The common ingredient in all of these spots is an exceptionally delicious slice.”

In addition to Regina Pizzeria, New Haven, Connecticut's Modern Apizza scored another victory for New England, coming in at number three. Pizza restaurants in Austin, Nashville, Tulsa, and even Anchorage, Alaska also made the top 10.

A similar list - the top 10 U.S. pizza cities - gave the highest honor to New York City, with Boston taking number seven. But don't despair, we still have the best single pizzeria in the country! And don't forget, our baseball team is heading to the World Series!

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