The Celtics sign a certified giant

The Celtics sign a certified giant

The Celtics got their man! And his name is Taco Bell....

No. It's not really Taco Bell. And I really don't know if he's going to be the next big thing. It just sounded cool. You know, spicing things up a bit -- like that Taco Bell hot sauce.

They did sign Tacko Fall as an undrafted free agent in the past week. He's one of the tallest men in the world at 7-foot-7. That's huge. Very tall. He makes Yao Ming look like your 5-foot-8 friend -- which is either a kind of tall woman or a guy who is a little on the shorter side.

He played at UCF for four years and was pretty decent. He put up 11 points per game with 7.7 rebounds as well. This past season, he was named Third-team All-AAC and two years ago, he was AAC Defensive Player of the Year.

Here's an interesting tidbit on him too. He was born in the African nation of Senegal and at 16 years old, he moved from Dakar to the United States of America. He played soccer as a kid. But, you know, when you're that tall and live in the United States, you kind of have to play basketball That's not even an option at that point.

So, if you think about it, that's a good thing and a bad thing. He's definitely on the raw side for a guy who went to university for your years, but his defense is good and he could have room to grow (not height-wise, but being polished as a player and all that).

Will this work out? Not too sure, to be honest. But it seems like a low-risk endeavor, so why not? Might as well sign the 7-foot-7 guy. It sounds good on paper, so there's that, right?

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