The C’s got burned in this Kyrie deal

Wow. Just. Wow.

The Boston Celtics shocked a ton of people this week by trading away the best player on their team, Isaiah Thomas. They dealt him to the evil empire of the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers for their point guard who wanted out, Kyrie Irving. That would have been an interesting deal but no, the Celtics also had to throw in Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and next year’s Brooklyn pick. That could be an early pick.

Thomas was building himself up as the centerpiece of the Celtics. He was the guy trying to help build up the team and talk guys into coming to Boston. He was a point guard who could score, and fans loved watching him play.

Irving wanted out of Cleveland. He didn’t want to be with LeBron James for another year. Yes, he’s an incredibly talented player, but the Cavs pretty much had to trade him. Even so, they didn’t reach in the deal to get it done. The Celtics reached.

It’s like the Celtics really wanted him so they gave up a player similar in skill, but then they also gave up a player who was in their starting five, one of their first round picks from last year and a Brooklyn pick that could end up being a top pick again. That makes the Cleveland Cavs a better team. The Cavs are a competitor. The last thing the Celtics should be trying to do is make deals with a competitor and hurt their own rebuild.

What really would’ve made the Celtics better is if someone else traded for Irving since the C’s wouldn’t lose any talent and they wouldn’t have to play against an elite point guard who knows their system.

And yes, I truly do believe Thomas’ points per game will go quite a bit down in the new system. That’s what happens when you’re surrounded by good players.

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