The C’s are great –but not championship quality

You know who is having an awesome year? The Boston Celtics.

The C’s are in second place in the East right now and have won seven of their last games. If that’s not good, then no clue what is good. Definitely one of the best teams in the NBA. Pretty impressive the kind of fire they’ve caught as of late and fans have to feel good knowing the assets the Celts have for the future. As far as this year goes though, don’t expect a banner.

The NBA is such a star-driven league. It makes it easier to follow because the teams with the superstars are the ones who win. Think about it: the last time the Celtics won it all, they had Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and even Rajon Rondo. The Cleveland Cavaliers won last year with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Isaiah Thomas has been great this season. That’s not even an opinion. Straight up fact. But the C’s don’t have a big 3 this season. In the playoffs, a team might be able to put some great guys and shut IT down a little bit. Pretend IT got shut down for a minute: then what? Done for.

The C’s odds of winning it all are pretty slim — 20 to 1 odds. All signs point to a Golden State Warriors championship. They’re 44-8 this season and put up a lot of points.

So when will the Celtics come up with another banner? After all, they haven’t won one since 2007-2008. The B’s have one since then. The Red Sox have one since then and the Patriots have two. It all depends on what they do with this Brooklyn pick and their heavy draft assets. Regardless, the next few years should be exciting for Celtics fans.. Very exciting for y’all.

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