That Clay Buchholz trade made a lot of sense

What a time to be alive.

That’s what I have to say right now. After a decade, Clay Buchholz ain’t a Red Sox pitcher no more. He’s on the Phillies. Traded. Red Sox got a minor league second baseman/left fielder and the Phillies get to pay Buchholz’ entire $13.5 million contract next year. Win-win situation.

The Sox had seven guys who could have been competing for jobs in the rotation next spring. That was too many. Looking at the guys they had, it was obvious to trade Buchholz. Not only was he the worst of the bunch last year, but he’s terribly inconsistent and the furthest thing from durable. He’s never made it through a full season for Boston — even though he was there a decade.

Why would anyone in their right mind think he could do it now? Throughout his tenure, he just showed those flashes of excellence and people can’t get that out of their heads.

Look what the rotation will likely be now: Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, David Price, Drew Pomeranz and Eduardo Rodriguez. That could be excellent — especially with Steven Wright in the bullpen as the long man/No. 6 starter.

For someone who played on the Sox for so long, there’s not really much to say about Buchholz. What happened happened. He threw a no-hitter in his second big league outing. He was great in 2013 (but got hurt). He never was much of a factor in the postseason, but he got a ring for 2013. His weight is probably an issue too — like Casey Fossum back in the day.

What else? Uh. His hair was interesting. He only lasted four innings in game 3 of the ALDS against Cleveland. He is married to Lindsay Clubine, who was on Deal or No Deal. And WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump introduced the two. We also found out Clay isn’t a bad reliever this past season.

2017 is an odd numbered year, so he’ll probably get hurt and miss half the season. Oh well.

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