Texans aren’t a match for New England

Someone has to congratulate the Houston Texans. But it should be one of those slow claps the villain gives them right before they kill them.
The Texans squeaked out of the weakest division in the NFL — the AFC South — with a 9-7 record. Because of that, they made the playoffs. And because they faced the Oakland Raiders, who were down to their third string quarterback, they won a playoff game. Whoopie! Whoopie!
What a season! They made it to the playoffs and won a playoff game. What’s next, a Super Bowl? Doubtful. They’re facing the New England Patriots in the Divisional Round. And Patriots fans, that should make you feel really good.

You see, the Texans have been weak in the second half of the season. In just about any other division, most likely they don’t make the playoffs. They dropped four of their last seven regular season games and beat a couple bottom-of-the-barrel teams in nail-biters.

They beat the Jacksonville Jaguars by a point and the Cincinnati Bengals by two points. Their largest margin of victory in that span was five points over the Indianapolis Colts. And those Colts aren’t as good as the deflategate Colts, who the Patriots didn’t have a problem with.
I know I mentioned third string quarterbacks in this post somewhere. But speaking of third string quarterbacks, remember what the Pats did to the Texans with a third-stringer earlier in the year?

27-0 win. Heck, Jacoby Brissett looked good against them. That’s saying something. Just imagine what TB12 is going to do against them.
This game is pretty much a lock for the Patriots to win, but you can’t count the Texans out until the game is over.

But yeah, if you’re the Texans, you can’t be too confident headed into this one. AFC Championship, here the Patriots come.

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