Terrell Owens is a Patriots hater

Terrell Owens is a Patriots hater

If you like Terrell Owens, do us all a favor and change your mind--like right now.

It’s gonna be real hard to forgive him for the gross accusation he made. Not only did he disrespect Boston Celtics legend Sam Cassell, but he also went after the greatest team in NFL history. Of course, we’re talking about the New England Patriots (and that’s not up for debate, especially because it’s already been typed and we’re not backspacing it).

So… TMZ sports reports that Owens was talking smack to Cassell, for some reason. The reason is not important. What’s important is that he said something bad about the Patriots and he needs to be called out.

"I beat you, Sam. I beat you,” he said, in reference to a pickup game. “I beat you. I ain't cheat you. You sound like the Patriots. I don't care about the Patriots," Owens said at the end of a rant, via TMZ Sports. "Belichick, Brady—they cheaters. They cheated. They cheated."

Now, it sounds like Owens and Cassell are friends. That’s not a shock. They’re really athletic dudes, so they were playing basketball against one another at the gym. But why did the Patriots need to come up? In what way was an attack against them warranted? The easy answer: it was not. There was no need to keep upchucking that fake narrative that the Patriots are somehow the cheaters of the NFL.

You have to remember though: even though Owens is a Pro Football Hall of Famer, he never won a Super Bowl. The objective of playing for a team is winning a Super Bowl, not never winning one and going in the Hall of Fame. In that regard, you have to feel sorry for Owens. He is clearly mad he never got a ring. Oh well...

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