Takeaways from the Red Sox first scrimmage

Some warm February days in New England. Yeah, we can safely call this baseball season.

It was 65 out on the South Shore and the Boston Red Sox played Northeastern. It doesn’t get much more baseball than that on February 23, 2017.

The Red Sox beat Northeastern 9-6 (I know, that’s pretty friggin awful). But there is a lot of stuff to take away from the game, so here’s a few things:

Pablo Sandoval is in better shape and looks better fielding ground ball. Not sure if he’ll be good or not, but he shouldn’t be woeful. That’s something.

The Red Sox pitching depth is piss poor, in case you didn’t know already.

Rusney Castillo still doesn’t know how to play baseball. Would you agree: worst contract in MLB history?

Allen Craig still exists.

Sam Travis (first base) should be on your radar. He’s on the big league club’s radar (and he hit a three-run blast against Northeastern). Personally, I thought he was overrated when I saw him play last year, but maybe he’s gotten better. He’s a whole hell of a lot better than Lars Anderson at least.

Rafael Devers (third base) is another guy who could potentially make his MLB debut late this season.

Brian Johnson is likely the team’s No. 7 starting pitcher to start the season. There’s a chance Eduardo Rodriguez will be the No. 6 because he has minor league options left, as crazy as that sounds (after watching him pitch in the second half last season).

Brian Johnson is probably underrated by the average Red Sox fan. He’s a whole hell of a lot better than Henry Owens.

The Red Sox got Chris Sale (he didn’t pitch against Northeastern).

The Red Sox are undefeated thus far, so they’re pretty much guaranteed a World Series win at this point. Book it.


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