Take The Kids On A Fairy Finding Mission In Natick

Take The Kids On A Fairy Finding Mission In Natick

Friday and Saturday will be wet, chilly, and possibly even snowy, but according to forecasts Sunday is going to be beautiful!

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure to help stretch your legs and entertain the kids, head to the Hunnewell Town Forest in Natick. Local artists, Virginia Fitzgerald and Michele Sweeney have created about 25 tiny fairy figures and hidden them along the rustic trails to inspire hikers and families.

Apparently their experiment worked because many others have since contributed their own homemade fairies, creating the perfect opportunity for a social-distancing scavenger hunt!

The fairies can be found in trees where two branches form a fork, or hiding under fallen logs. Fitzgerald and Sweeney have included the names of their creations written on adjacent stones.

There are standalone characters as well as holiday-themed fairies including Mary Christmas, Happy Esther and Pam Sunday located down a path labeled “Holiday Lane.”

Fitzgerald and Sweeney visit the town forest once a week to place their newest homemade fairies in tree hollows and peeking out from behind rocks.

They welcome other artists to add their own creations, saying there are no rules when it comes to materials. A Dixie cup or coffee filter can become a skirt, upholstery tassels make great hair, and bread ties are perfect as belts. 

While Massachusetts is still on lockdown, people are encouraged to get out in nature for some fresh air and exercise.

Help your kiddos make their own fanciful fairies and head out for a hike when the weather clears up! Just remember to give other hikers at least six feet of space.

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