Take An Old Fashioned Winter Sleigh Ride At This CT Farm

Take An Old Fashioned Winter Sleigh Ride At This CT Farm

Have you ever dreamed of dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh or enjoying a romantic white Christmas in a horse-drawn carriage?

Live out your "Courier and Ives" fantasy with the company that has been providing carriage and sleigh rides for weddings, funerals, and Hollywood films for more than four decades!

Allegra Farm in East Haddam, Connecticut is the largest authentic "livery stable," in the state. They tend to every detail from the carriages and sleighs to the drivers' historical attire, ensuring the most authentic Victorian experience.

As you may expect, winter sleigh rides are only offered when there is snow on the ground. Snuggle up with a special someone or fill the sleigh with up to six riders as you glide over the river and through the woods.

Guests are welcome to bring along their own refreshments to help them stay warm during the one hour ride.

John Allegra and the team at Allegra Farm restore vintage horse drawn carriages, wagons and equipment which can be viewed at the on-site Horse Drawn Carriage and Sleigh Museum of New England any time of year.

 They also offer scenic carriage rides around Lake Hayward and will travel all over New England to cater to special events like weddings, anniversaries, proms, and proposals.

They are so good at what they do, even Hollywood filmmakers turn to them when the script calls for a horse-drawn carriage. The animals and equipment seen in  "Amistad", "Kate and Leopold", and "Sex In The City" all came from Allegra Farm.

Sleigh rides and visits to the farm require reservations so keep an eye on the weather and call 860-680-5149 at the first sign of fresh powder! Learn more about Allegra Farm on their website or Facebook page.

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